Educational Leadership

I Am A Leader

. . . the story of my perfectly imperfect adventures so far.


The following statements are a reflection of how I see myself as a leader today (December, 2019). Each idea is born from an experience and together they capture the story of my perfectly imperfect adventure so far

I am a Leader

I set out to make a difference.

I lead with passion and my passion inspires other to follow.

I radiate optimism, energy and humility. I see life as an adventure.

I embrace the responsibility for serving others. I strive to leave the world a better place by keeping my students and staff fired up about learning.

I set an example.

I create environments where all feel welcome, valued, included and empowered. Places where people feel secure enough to praise the accomplishments of others.  

I have the courage to make tough decisions.

I am comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can sit with uncertainty. Learning to lead is a daily practice. I try, I fail, I learn and I try again.

I ask for help.

I do everything I can to continuously grow myself. I get better EVERY day.

I recognize my biases. I reflect on situations through many different lenses.

I empower others to lead. I make sure that my impact will continue in my absence.

I make space to care for myself. I lead a balanced life.

I throw myself outside of my comfort zone as much as possible. I set goals and celebrate the journey.

I surround myself with those that inspire me. I tap into the ‘wisdom in the room’.

I know when to lead and when to follow. I make sure all the ideas are heard.

I believe in the power of a team. I build synergy within my school.

I TRUST. Leadership is relationship, not a position.

I care for those around me. Compassion above the day’s fires. Always.

I forgive.

I let go of my mistakes and the mistakes of others while upholding the expectation to learn from failures.

I accept criticism. I actively encourage others to give healthy critiques. I listen to everyone, no matter how painful.

I am a simplifier. I wade through arguments, debates, and doubt to create clarity.

I am a coach.

I build and engage my team. I provide feedback, encouragement and stimulating work as I guide those around me towards translating a vision into reality.

I celebrate success.

I embrace change.

I support my staff and students to think outside the box.

I am persistent.

I have high expectations. I take responsibility for moving my school forwards no matter what’s in front of me.

I use data to create learning opportunities that engage others, align efforts and strategically allocate resources.

I reflect frequently on my school’s progress and alter the course as needed.

I am the kind of leader that I would like to follow

By Claire Snider

Passionate learner, leader, Self-Regger, athlete, friend, and wife. Mum to 4 amazing kids. Lightening the load of those around me so that we can walk each other home.

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