‘That’ Teacher

I was asked recently to think of one ‘magical’ teacher (or leader) that left me in awe at their ability to move a whole group of students into a sense of calm, connected, focus.  

This wasn’t a hard one for me.  

When I think what a ‘magical’ teacher looks like, my mind instantly goes to four young educators that I’ve had the honour of working at my current school.  

All four of these women ‘magically’ calm a room when they enter. Classes that that other educators have deemed ‘impossible’ settle overnight. Students that before they entered into the picture spent most of their time running around the building drop their armor, start to engage and begin to show us the amazing little people they are.  

All four women have a quiet confidence about them and gentle voices that never let their students know how frustrated/exhausted/overwhelmed they are. They are the type of educator that can name all five of a student’s cats as well as what they like for breakfast. They always have a dry pair of socks on hand for the child who can’t stand having wet feet, and they instinctually know how to calm a storm before it reaches land.  

All four of these women view their students through an asset-based lens. I never hear about their concerns though backroom channels. Rather, they come into my office filled with heartfelt concern for a child and leave (sometimes after they’ve let their tears fall to clear the extra cortisol built up in their bodies) ready to once again give their struggling student all the love and energy they need.  

Who is ‘that’ teacher in your life? 

By Claire Snider

Passionate learner, leader, Self-Regger, athlete, friend, and wife. Mum to 4 amazing kids. Lightening the load of those around me so that we can walk each other home.

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