If I Believe, Then . . .

This week marks the end of my journey through the MEHRIT Centre’s “Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Certificate” (See previous posts highlighting this adventure).

This last module focused on building a Self-Reg Haven. Like the other three streams (Seeds, Sunrise and Quilt), the Haven stream is a continual, reflective process vs. a program.

However, unlike the other three streams in which Self-Reg is practiced alongside existing structures, in a school committed to a Haven journey, Self-Reg forms the foundation through which ALL else is framed.

As part of this module, we created If/Then statements to help us reflect on where we are in terms of our Self-Reg journey and priorities.

Here’s where I sit as of right now (August, 2021)

  • IF as a school administrator I believe that Self-Reg is a universal platform and not a targeted intervention or a behaviour management program, THEN: Self-Reg will be a part of everything we do.
  • IF as a school administrator I believe that Self-Reg is a continual, reflective process vs. a program, and that there are no quick fixes or single way to do Self-Reg, THEN: I will value the journey by celebrating each step (successes and failures) we take.  
  • IF as an administrator I believe that Self-Reg is not just about children and youth and that everyone is capable of learning growth-promoting modes of self-regulation, no matter their age, stage, or ability level, THEN the opportunity to learn about Self-Reg will be offered to all those who are interested.
  • IF as an administrator I believe that the well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of the critical adults in their lives and that each individual, family, culture, and community holds unique Self-Reg expertise, THEN every stakeholder will feel Rooted within our school. I will seek out multiple voices, listen to their stories, lean into the discomfort that comes when presented with opposing beliefs and continually reflect upon how each unique perspective is reflected in the school community.  

By Claire Snider

Passionate learner, leader, Self-Regger, athlete, friend, and wife. Mum to 4 amazing kids. Lightening the load of those around me so that we can walk each other home.

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