Viewing the World Through an Asset-Based Lens

As a society, we are inherently focused on deficits.  

Every day we are continually bombarded by messages that remind us of what we can’t do; messages that highlight our shortcomings in relation to societal standards. 

Given this fact, it is little surprise that our current education system is based on these same ideals.  

Although educational science recognizes that we should be building on each individual student’s strengths and valuing progress rather than product, the model of education that our current system is based upon requires us to adhere to strict accountability standards.

As an educational leader, I believe that one of the most impactful changes you can make towards influencing the systemic change so desperately needed within our educational system is to prioritize the development of relationships between staff and students within your building. This prioritization will look different in every building and with every staff member, but the benefits will be the same.

When strong bonds exist, educators will naturally differentiate their instruction and will let go of the assembly line model of teaching that they have been clinging to and students will be able to embrace the vulnerability that is needed to adopt a mindset that will allow them learn.

 What have you tried within your own buildings to strengthen relationships between staff and students? Please share your ideas below.