Educational Leadership

Getting to Now


Here we go. Jump.

Thursday, August 25th, 2016. My phone rings. “Hi, Claire. It’s Paul. I have a question for you . . . .”

With the start of the 2016-2017 school year just eleven days away, I suddenly found myself in the role of acting vice-principal at the elementary school I’d worked at for the past twelve years.

The ten months that followed was a blur of highs and lows. My first time back to work full-time since the birth of our fourth child three and a half years prior to this date, I was suddenly immersed in the challenge of learning a new role, completing various qualifications and helping to raise a young family (our eldest child was eight at this time).

I loved every moment.

Suddenly, my passion for learning was reignited.  My confidence grew with every mistake I made and I dove headfirst into each idea, opportunity, challenge and conversation that came my way.

Fueled by my incredible support network, I came out of the year a little (*lot) worn down, but clear in my vision of my myself as a leader.

I’ve started this blog both as a way of reflecting on my learning as I continue to grow as a leader and as a way to further develop my PLN.

Here we go. Jump.